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We work with property owners to get the highest value from their property. Our in-house real estate department provides an efficient acquisition process that expedites the lump sum buy-out or payment for your property.

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Our Three-Step Cellular Lease Buyout Process


  • We thoroughly assess the existing cell tower lease agreement, considering factors such as lease duration, rental terms, and lease escalations.
  • We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the cell tower’s location, market demand, and potential future growth opportunities to determine its current and future value.


  • We present a competitive buyout offer outlining how the valuation was determined and the reasoning behind the proposed buyout amount.
  • Offer can come in lump-sum payments, structured payments over time, or other mutually agreeable arrangements.


  • We facilitate a smooth transition process, ensuring the seamless transfer of the cell tower’s ownership and operations. 

We have developed a great relationship with Tower Ventures over the last several years. At Woodside, we are always looking for partners that are responsive, consistent, and deliver on their word. Tower Ventures is one of those firms, and we are proud to consider them one of our partners. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Ben Stephens

Director, Woodside CRE

We sold a rooftop cellular antenna easement located in Dallas, Texas to Tower Ventures in August 2023. Benjamin Orgel and is team are very competent, highly professional and completely straight-forward. The transaction closed in accordance with all of the agreed upon terms within the expected timeframe. I would gladly work with Tower Ventures again and I’m happy to recommend them. 

Eric Mackey

Chief Investment Officer, Libitzky

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